Common photography mistakes and how to avoid them

14 Oct Common photography mistakes and how to avoid them

Common photography mistakes and how to avoid them

By avoiding the most common photography mistakes, you can increase the quality of your pictures big time. By paying attentino to 7 common mistakes, your pictures will stand out from the rest and they will look professional. Easy hints for awesome pics. Become a photography professional with the following hints:

Mistakes 1: Stiff Limbs

An old photography proverb goes: „I fit bends, then bend it“. When taking photos of a model, stiff limbs such as arms, legs or the torso can make a dull impression on the viewer. No matter if your model is sitting, standing or lying: Always try to angle the limbs to give the body lines some dynamic. You can achieve this very easily by lightly tilting the head or by leaning the upper body back or forth a bit. That makes your model look more dynamic – and so does the overall shot. Common photography mistake 1 banned!



Mistakes 2: Level Shoulders

The shoulders of a person are his or her widest part. Shooting them from the front even increases this effect. To bring more elegance into your shot, make sure the shoulders of your model are slightly unleveled. Common photography mistakes 2 banned!


Mistakes 3: Portraits From Below

Photographs taken from below while your model is standing are rarely flattering. It is this position that emphasises a possible double chin and unnatural facial lines the most. Instead, try shooting slightly from above. That does not only slim down your model’s face but also, when shooting outdoors, brings cool flares and reflections into his or her eyes. Common photography mistakes 3 banned!


Mistakes 4: Posing With Kids

Young children – everyone who has some knows that – do not like to stand still, even if it is only for a moment. If a child is your subject, try not to force the child to stand in a particular position. Instead, let it move and just shoot along. This way, you will end up with more natural shots and can make the child laughing effortlessly. Common photography mistakes 4 banned!



Mistakes 5: Same Height in Group Shots

The easiest way to improve group shots: Get the people you would like to shoot to be all on different levels so that any pattern of heights does not distract the viewer’s eye from seeing the group as being one unit. All heads on the same level would be adequate for a snapshot, but it does not look like professional photography. Changing this pose up could make a significant impact in the overall shot. Common photography mistakes 5 banned!



Mistakes 6: The Distracting Background

Have you ever taken what seemed like a great shot only to discover that there was something in the background that destroyed your otherwise

perfect shot? Backgrounds are as important as the subject. Backgrounds can turn a great shot into something terrible, and they can sometimes be even more important than your subject. This is why you should always be aware of the background of your shot. Frame your subject AND your background, not only your subject. If nothing helps or you would like to rescue your perfect shot: Try using post-processing techniques to get rid of that distracting background. Common photography mistakes 6 banned!



Mistakes 7: Too Far Away From Your Subject

The US-American photography legend Robert Capa once said: “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough.” In every photograph we take, we want something going on in the frame. If your subject is too far away, it will not impact the scene that much. You can move closer by using a good quality telephoto zoom lens, or you can crop the image later in your image editor. Because of this, you should always choose the highest resolution for your photos. This way, it gives you the chance to crop it at a later point without the photo becoming blurry. Common photography mistakes 7 banned!


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