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16 Nov Cat Photography


Perfect photo model – the cat

cat by JOHNNY LAI  CC BY 2.0, photographed with a Sony NEX-3


Presidents and kings may rule the real world, but the internet is in the firm paws of one of our favourite furry pets – cats. Cat Photography and cat videos control our emotions!

Felines like the always grumpy-looking Grumpy Cat or Tama, an official Japanese station manager, are real internet stars:

Just in 2015 alone more than 2 million cat videos were uploaded on Youtube with about 26 billion views.

This is the reason why no one is surprised that every year since 2012 an Internet Cat Video Festival is taking place.

But even just cat photography is a hot topic amongst cat lovers and not only amongst youngsters. Photos of cats practically guarantee likes and are often shared thousands of times on social media networks. Cats may not be as eager as dogs for the approval of their owner, but that is precisely the reason why they are such great photo motives, which provide funny and cute images again and again.

Even if you don’t want to show your snapshots to everyone immediately, there are a number of things you should pay attention to in order to present your mini tiger in the proper light.


Cat Photography: 5 Tips for Better Cat Photos



A curious red cat on a nesting box – what may happen next…


Be always ready! As banal as it sounds, especially with stubborn models like cats you have only a short amount of time so use it carefully. If necessary, you can also use treats, toys and light to get the attention of the cat.




Black and white kitten playing with a cat teaser; it definitely won’t escape her.


Yet never forget the background. There should be as few distractions from the cat as possible and the overall image should be harmonious. Tidy up the room if needed, before you reach for your camera. Pay especially attention to the lightning because, more often than not, it decides over the quality of the picture. In addition, use different perspectives and optical zoom; please don’t use digital zoom, it lowers the image quality as well. Get closer instead or cut out unnecessary parts afterwards. Armed with free graphic programs and video tutorials, you should be able to learn how to execute basic image operations in a few minutes.



A cat rests its body and its face: that’s how funny cat pictures originate


Tell a story. Dozens of pictures of a standing or sitting cat become quickly boring as it’s the case with humans. So don’t even try to make perfect portrait photos.  Whether it’s sleeping in acrobatic positions, climbing up the walls or simply taking pictures of a funny facial expression: with cats as photo motives, you have a sheer infinite amount of motives just waiting for you to capture them. You can erase bad photos anyway, so don’t be afraid to push the shutter release button.




A cat in its natural habitat – the box

twigi in a box by shira gal  CC BY 2.0, photographed with a Canon EOS 400D Digital


Dare to get closer. Get to the eye level of the cat and focus the camera at particular parts of the body like the eyes or paws. As long as your cat isn’t easily scared or aggressive, your camera and you will be fine and you will take terrific photos. Please refrain from using the flashlight: that needlessly frightens your pet and ruins the photo most of the time. Instead, use indirect light from other light sources or edit the photos afterwards.



Cat vs. Curtain

The winner? Recorded photographically, hopefully.


Often used in selfies: photo filters. Even with cat photos, you can easily get the best out of your image like you can see in the above picture. Experiment both with your camera and image editing programs to optimize the background and the cat in the picture. However, stick to a natural look and don’t overdo it by using too many beautifying effects – cats really don’t need it.

Cat Photography may not be as easy as photographing humans and objects, but the spontaneity and outlandishness of our clever roommates never make it boring. Cats are rightfully the undisputed animalistic ruler of the media world and the end of their reign is not in sight anytime soon.



In every kitty cat’s chest beats a wild lion heart.ätzchen-vogelhaus-getigert-1400812/ätzchen-schwarz-weiß-716559/

twigi in a boxätzchen-niedlich-tier-1115053/öwe-schatten-fleischfresser-564202/

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