Interview with street dancer Robin Dobler: The story of a fighter!

06 Jun Interview with street dancer Robin Dobler: The story of a fighter!

Born in Switzerland, living in London, dressed in Paris fashion style and the big dream of exploring the world. Street dancer Robin Dobler is living his dream and is internationally known for his street dance. But it has not been an easy way. The story of Robin is the one of a fighter:


Robin Dobler

Robin Dobler


Robin has been into dancing since the age of 4. In the beginning, dancing had been some kind of therapy for his motor impersistence. A therapy that would give him the power and energy for his long way to the top! This journey has not been an easy one! Over and over again people told him: “You’re a loser!” “You are nobody!”

But Robin kept fighting. He continuously followed his dream. Having to grow up in a children’s home didn’t make it easier and bothered him a lot. Especially dealing with the question “Why?” was a challenge. But Robin put his feelings into dancing. At the age of 6, he would change to Hip Hop dance. At the age of 17, he enrolled into College for Contemporary and Urban Show dance. Step by step he would come closer to his dream!

His effort now pays off: In the meantime, Robin could make his dream come true and make his hobby become his profession! Robin is currently working as a professional dancer and dance teacher in London. The best sources of his inspiration are other inspiring dancers as well as nature, he said. Most ideas would pop up near water in the park or while waiting for the train.

Although Robin had a difficult youth, he is still happy about his childhood. “My past formed me to become the person I am now!” And his past would still be a part of his choreographies. Dancing would forever be his way of dealing with personal conflicts and dreams.

Robin is not only known for street dance but also modeling. He successfully set his foot into the modeling business and already performed for a couple of professional shootings. When it comes to fashion, Robin believes in wearing whatever he likes most rather than blindly following the latest trends. That’s why he’s wearing long Cardinals and shirt in his pants, following the motto “elegant-sportive”. Asking for a fashion hint, Robin said: “Dress up in whatever fashion you like, don’t change your look for other people. However, be brave enough to try out new things from time to time.”

Unfortunately, one dream remains a dream so far: “One day I would love to walk on a fashion show! Also working as a model for H&M and Zara would be a dream.” We’re excited to watch Robin following his next dreams and I wish him all the best for the future.

As a last inspiration and advice, Robin wants to tell us: “Live your dream but stay true to yourself!“


The story behind the favorite pic of street dancer Robin Dobler


Robin Dobler

Robin Dobler


“This photograph was taken during my first shooting in LA. I love it as much because it somehow represents my current life as an artist. In layout, it’s vibe and design it reminds me of my past and pushes me to stay strong. When looking at it, it makes me realize that it’s well worth believing in my goals and that I should continue to take any effort to make them come true!”


I want to thank street dancer Robin Dobler for having this interesting and inspiring interview with me and I wish him all the best in pursuing his dreams. As a photographer, I will keep following his amazing pics and videos. Thank you, Robin!

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